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All You Need to Know About Portrait Photography

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What is Portrait Photography?

Portrait photography is the process of capturing portrait photographs or ‘portraits’, specific photographs that are basically photographs of people. A portrait is a picture that showcases the expression, personality and mood of the subject in the most accurate and most elegant manner possible. The focus of almost all portraits is usually the face of the subject, although the both the body of the subject and the background in front of which they are standing are often included in portraits.

In most cases, portraits feature only one subject, the one person who is the absolute center of the entire photograph. However, some kinds of portraits are known to feature more than one person, or rather an entire group of people, their personalities, their setting and their moods. Portrait photography is one half of the couple of the most basic kinds of photographs in existence, with the other half of the couple being a specific kind of photograph referred to as a ‘landscape photograph’.


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Camera Technology Is Incredible, And It’s Killing Our Wallets

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When the digital SLR camera first came on the market in 1999 with the Nikon D1 it was a huge leap for photography. The Nikon was a dark room killer. Snap a picture and put it directly on your computer. Kodak had been working on an analogue system all the way back in 1975, but it wasn’t until the age of the internet and sharable media that digital photography came to life.
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A Basic Guide to Digital Photography

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Digital photography can be incredibly rewarding, fun and exciting but newcomers are often put off not knowing where to start! From picking a camera and the right accessories to learning how lighting and composition works, it can all be a little bit confusing in the beginning. Check out a few basic tips, start honing your skills and start your rewarding journey into the world of digital photography, as explained by William Schoellkopf.
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The Art of Wedding Photography

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digital photo

Photography is a perplexing art which requires a great deal of consideration, and the ability to think outside the box. You have to put the best endeavors into photography to envision the best results. One can be an expert of this craft with loads of practice and adapting, however these two things are insufficient to be a flawless photographer. You need ardor for photography and to see the world behind the lens.
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Strobe Or Continuous Lighting for My Photo Studio?

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Fluorescent Kit

This is perhaps the most asked question that we hear so we decided to post this page of information. We hope you find it helpful.
First: There are two main categories of photo studio lighting. Continuous and Strobe. Lets talk about strobe first.

Strobe lighting is a flash type lighting that is similar to the flash on your camera. All strobe lights have a flash tube that fires only when the camera transmits a signal for it to fire. We will get into that in a minute but first, let’s discuss the two main groups of strobe lighting.
Monolight Strobes: This type of strobe is self contained. each strobe head has its own power pack. You can see what a monolight strobe looks like
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Professional Photographers Are Invaluable

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There are many events where it is best to hire a professional photographer, including weddings, graduations, retirement and birthday parties, and many more. When we wish to hire a professional photographer, it is because the event is so special that you prefer vivid and crisp photographs to pictures you could take yourself. Professional photographers seem to be everywhere, but not all are alike. Choosing one, however, is simple if you know what to look for, especially these days with tools like the Internet at our disposal.
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Fail-proof tips for choosing your next travel camera

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Going to a trip without the right camera gear is a serious bummer. Not only will you not properly capture the wonder of the moment, but you also won’t be able to relive the fun you had. Or you might already have a “camera”, but are you sure that your phone is enough?

With so many options out there and literally hundreds of articles to read, making a decision can be overwhelming. I’ve been there, experienced all the stress and made a couple of bad choices and missed a lot of opportunities – hopefully, you don’t have to. Here’s a quick guide to make the right choice to fit your needs. Continue reading

Ford cars 2016: a list from Autoportal.com

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Ford cars

The American manufacturer, Ford, is famous for its newly designed cars, and this company has been a very integral part of the automobile sector of the country, since almost 15 years, when they brought out their Ford Ikon. As their cars are popular, and there is an increased demand from Indians, for stylish vehicles, Ford is on the verge of launching their vehicles, which are either, re-vamped and re-styled or are totally new. Also check Ford cars Price List in India, Reviews, Model, Images
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Great wedding photos at your wedding reception

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wedding photographer

When photographing a wedding reception it is important to get a wide variety of shots. This includes a variety of subjects, from the bride and groom to the table centerpieces, as well as a variety of styles, from extreme close ups to wide shots. One of the ways of guaranteeing a beautiful wedding album is to keep the photos from becoming boring, and focusing on different styles will ensure that.

Venue And Decoration Shots Have Value

Extreme close up shots of flowers and other decorations are worth taking, especially because the bride and groom spent hours or even days deciding on each element of their wedding. Highlighting those individual elements validates their choice. It is also a way of taking some artistic shots while the wedding party themselves have a moment to relax.
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Why Granite Remains a Truly Viable Choice for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Worktop

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Kitchen or Bathroom Worktop

Did you know that granite is the same natural stone material that the pyramids from Egypt are made out of? This surely points to the fact that granite has a long and varied history and has been used for centuries to create true masterpieces of architecture as well. This, in effect, also proves that granite can certainly withstand extreme wear and tear and can last for a very, very long time indeed.

Granite 101: what you should know

Granite, as mentioned above, is one of the premier natural stones available today. The basic composition of granite is actually around 20% quartz combined with feldspar as well as mica. Granite slabs come in almost all the colours of the rainbow, ranging from monochromatic shades to bolder and brighter patterns.

The major benefits of granite explained

You may already have an idea that granite is definitely one of the more durable natural stones you can find. But apart from this particular advantage, granite has other, lesser-known advantages as well. For instance, granite can also be scratch- and heat-resistant – as a matter of fact, a slab of granite can bear as much as 648.8OC, or 1200OF. In addition, granite, when sealed and re-sealed properly and regularly, can be waterproof and stain-resistant as well.

Choices for your granite worktop’s finish

If you are planning to have a granite worktop for your bathroom or kitchen, you have several options when it comes to the worktop’s finish as well. These include polished, brushed or satin, honed, antique, thermal, and leather. A polished finish is one of the most popular finishes for granite worktops, and it can also stand up well to constant wear and tear and stains. A polished granite worktop is the least spongy or porous, which adds to its advantage.

If you opt for a honed finish for your granite worktop, this is a type of matte finishing option. A honed finish is not usually recommended by the experts as it tends to become scratched and stained more easily. A brushed or satin finish is also similar in many respects to honed finishes but it appears less matte and performs better than a honed finish. An antique finish, on the other hand, has a duller appearance that includes a bit of texture as well. The thermal finish (also referred to as ‘flamed’) is created by using a flame on the surface of the granite slab, and this results in a rougher and more textured look and different depths to the surface. The leather finish, meanwhile, looks more enhanced and polished compared to a honed finish, but it also includes a bit more texture.

Maintaining your granite worktop

Cleaning and maintaining your granite worktop is relatively easy and worry-free. Regular cleaning can simply be done with a soft towel or cloth and water, preferably warm. You can also make use of a specially-made cleaner for granite. Regular sealing (around twice a year) is also recommended. For this, you can use a water-based sealant made specifically for natural stone like granite as well.

When it comes to choosing the best granite worktops, you should also work only with a reputable and experienced supplier and installer. This way, you can have enhanced peace of mind knowing that you are getting the quality and expertise you need.



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