Abu Samra House: Simplicity Of Architecture

Abu Samra, the new and elegant home of Symbiosis Designs home collection, This is also a neat architecture that is easy to love from certain perspectives and from other.

The house is located in Amman, Jordan along with the dry landscape, The residence is separated from the street covered by an empty plot of land, which is most probably eventually will be built up. But looking from both inside and outside, the elegant beauty of the home becomes modern.

The simplicity of the structure, the perspective views and the calm balance of the elements bring the whole beauty to Abu Samra house. Nature has a way of being beautiful even when it is not, and this house knows that secret.

Abu Samra House: Simplicity Of Architecture

Abu-Samra-House-01 Abu-Samra-House-02 Abu-Samra-House-03 Abu-Samra-House-04 Abu-Samra-House-05 Abu-Samra-House-06 Abu-Samra-House-07

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