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Very Intelligent Ads of 2012

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2012 was awesome, the year have been countless of brilliant ads spreader throughout the print media and web. Let’s wrap up intelligent ads of 2012 by some of clever creators to new artists. Though the concept and design is defined to reach the target consumers, Here is a selection of very intelligent advertisements designed last year.

The selection is done by user reviews, ratings, suitable tagline and the popularity of advertisement.
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Creative Minimalist Ads: 55 Cleverest Prints

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Minimalist print ads teach you why minimalism is clever and important for your brand advertisements. The theme “Less is more” is the key for minimalism. To create a minimal ads you need to be more creative than creating complicated stuffs, These advertisements may be simple, but it will convey your brand message as strong as possible.

Let’s take a look at these following 55 creative minimalist print ads and think about how the big brands are doing in minimal community. You may like this related advertisement articles.

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55 creative minimalist print ads

Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_01 Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_02 Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_03 Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_04 Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_05 Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_06 Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_07 Creative_Minimalist_Print_ads_08