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6 Tips for Taking Great Family Photos with Your iPhone

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When you are with family or on a vacation, it is a great time to get your hands on iPhone photography. There is so much to do with your phone. It is a great tool in the hands of an iPhone owner. Many Apple owners do not know how to explore the phone to the core. In this article, we will tell you some great tips fully utilize the camera of your phone. You will never feel the need to own a DSLR camera.

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    1. Technical tips for iPhone

a) When you have ample of time for photographing your subjects, you would like to manually adjust your camera settings. While iPhone already comes with ample of functions in the camera, we suggest that you download a few third party manual camera applications for the camera to adjust the settings. A little change in ISO, shutter speed, white balance etc. can dramatically change the clarity of your photos.

b) The default camera mode of Apple offers different shooting modes like photo, square and panorama. Consider the end use of your photograph before you click. For example, if you want to publish the photo ultimately on Instagram, you can use the square mode instead of cropping the photo into a square afterwards.

c) You must have heard of the rule of thirds. In case you do know, it means that your subject should fall on one of the grid lines that divide the composition in nine equal parts. Fortunately in an iPhone, you can turn on the grids.

d) If you have a moving subject or your camera is moving, you can use the burst mode of the camera. You can use this mode to click several photos of people in action in micro-seconds.

e) If you want to click only one subject in focus, you can turn on the lock focus feature. This will not switch the focus from the main subject to the other things in vicinity.

  1. Make use of the shadow

You would need to wait for a sunny day to capture the shadows of your family members. Shadows add great interest to the photographs. Click photos from different angles to capture long and short shadows of the subjects.

You can also try clicking the picture of only shadows of your family in different poses. You will be amazed to see that even shadows can give you amazing photographs without people being engaged in them.


  1. Use natural light

If you are sitting indoors with your family, you can ask them to come near the window or the door. Turn off the indoor lights and click using bright sunny light.


  1. Click natural poses

Nothing is better than clicking natural poses of your family. Asking them to pose for you spoils the fun of photography.


  1. Capture their personality on a winter vacation

You can get some of the best clicks if you are out on a winter vacation. You can go out and get the best shots. If it is minus zero degrees outside, you will definitely prefer to stay at home but you can use Photo Pie’s winter backdrops in such a case. Custom backdrops give you an awesome background for breathtaking photographs without leaving the warmth of your house in winters.


  1. Do not zoom, crop it later

Try not to use the zoom of your iPhone camera. Click the whole picture and then you can crop it later as you wish. Using zoom gives poor quality images.

Food Packaging Design: 50 Beautiful Examples

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Packaging is more than protection for the products; it is also the bridge between the goods and its viewers. Product branding is mainly based upon beautiful food packaging design to attract organic customer’s attention. A sense-oriented design plays an important role in the cognitive and sensory process of human beings. Food packaging may seem simple at first: show what’s inside the packet, add a bit of marketing speak, job done. But aside from the usual design considerations of target audiences and the like, there are many more things to consider.

The retail environment is one of the most densely populated for any product to stand out in. I am presenting more beautiful examples of 50 food packaging design for inspiration.

50 Beautiful Examples Of Food Packaging Design

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Beautiful Photos Of Incredible India

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One of the greatest country in history is rising again today. India has seen the incredible drama, biggest ideas and huge events since the beginning of history. Since Asian times Indian civilization has been driven by great ideas by the search of knowledge and truth. The land which everyone loves to visit in his or her lifetime.

Today we are showcasing a beautiful photos of incredible India to describe about its places, culture, values, tradition and people. This will be a different and an evergreen inspiration for a change. Please click the images to see the large view and to know the author and other details of photo.

Beautiful Photos Of Incredible India

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