Incredible Matte Painting: 25 Digital Wonders


Matte painting is a creative technique like photo manipulation that add wonders to create a exciting film scenes for movies, TV or print without building a set or traveling to the dreamy location.

What exactly a Matte painting needs?

1. A good solid understanding of Light, Exposure and composition.

2. Good understanding of perspective painting in a photographic style.

3. Color knowledge to create the exciting scenes which we all enjoy in movies.

Please play this below video, You’ll better understand about what is matte painting

Being in love with the art of Matte Painting, I collected these 25 Incredible digital matte paintings for your inspiration. I thought that maybe some people out there might be interested too, so I decided to showcase them to the public. And if any one or all of these paintings inspires you, All great thanks goes out to all the artist who put a lot of their time and energy into the creation of these digital artworks.

Incredible Matte Painting: 25 Digital Wonders

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