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Amazing Aerial Photographs By Klaus Leidorf

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A German archaeologist that likes to take photos from the air. He has done a course and training projects in aerial photography and he has been featured in numerous publications. He said: “I’m glad to have this overview of things on the earth, when I’m flying and see things from above, I don’t care anymore about the small things. It gives me peace.

To know more about Klaus Leidorf have a look into his Portfolio and for more photographs see his flickr portfolio.

Amazing Aerial Photographs By Klaus Leidorf

326971694_d1d4cc074d_z 551125933_dcdf23fc4e_z Luftbild von Badegästen im Becken des Freibades von Waldkraiburg. Luftaufnahme von einem Parkplatz für den Gebrauchtwagenhandel in Landshut Luftaufnahme von der Elbe bei Konau 6285435657_986a5768cf_z 6480022811_2860a7546a_z Luftaufnahme von einem roten Treetboot im grünen See.