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A Basic Guide to Digital Photography

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Digital photography can be incredibly rewarding, fun and exciting but newcomers are often put off not knowing where to start! From picking a camera and the right accessories to learning how lighting and composition works, it can all be a little bit confusing in the beginning. Check out a few basic tips, start honing your skills and start your rewarding journey into the world of digital photography, as explained by William Schoellkopf.
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The Art of Wedding Photography

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Photography is a perplexing art which requires a great deal of consideration, and the ability to think outside the box. You have to put the best endeavors into photography to envision the best results. One can be an expert of this craft with loads of practice and adapting, however these two things are insufficient to be a flawless photographer. You need ardor for photography and to see the world behind the lens.
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Fail-proof tips for choosing your next travel camera

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Going to a trip without the right camera gear is a serious bummer. Not only will you not properly capture the wonder of the moment, but you also won’t be able to relive the fun you had. Or you might already have a “camera”, but are you sure that your phone is enough?

With so many options out there and literally hundreds of articles to read, making a decision can be overwhelming. I’ve been there, experienced all the stress and made a couple of bad choices and missed a lot of opportunities – hopefully, you don’t have to. Here’s a quick guide to make the right choice to fit your needs. Continue reading

Surreal Cyberpunk Digital arts By Kazuhiko Nakamura

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A couple of days ago, a cyberpunk 3D style digital artworks brought to our attention. It is the portfolio of Kazuhiko Nakamura from Japan. He was inspired by surrealism and cyberpunk styles of art when he was young.

He is a self-taught 3D digital artist since 1996 and he’s gotten chance to exhibit his mechanical style arts in various exhibitions. I’m really digging Kazuhiko’s work, the 3d portraits in particular. His portfolio is really impressive! Please have a look into his portfolio Mechanicalmirage.com Continue reading