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Surprising 3D Portraits Forever And After

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3d portrait is a digital artwork drawn by a talented computer graphic designer who has a creative approach in digital arts. Back in July we had an amazing self portraits post which brings thumbs up from more readers. Well this time I bring you 3d portraits and some interesting CG characters. Moreover these digital artworks are done by Photoshop, Mental ray, 3ds Max, Maya and Zbrush.

Especially today I come up with 25 surprising 3d portraits which will be a best inspiration forever and after.

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25 Surprising 3D Portraits Forever And After

3d-art-Donovan-Keele-m.bison-bust 2226_1210338608_large 2226_1269890552_large 37614_1237046592_large 48856_1217090209_medium 50935_1231764949_medium 50935_1231915427_large 112444_1241784609_large 168810_1317621199_large 207504_1257995977_medium 257462_1298906142_large 279935_1311655475_medium 315924_1310505813_medium 343207_1317745852_medium 354183_1227698848_large 375065_1313266895_large 412417_1287161586_large 465603_1308007336_large Anger_Management_by_swordfish96 Ariel_3D_Portrait_by_CYCOMarts Surprising-3D Portraits-Forever-And-After-02 Surprising-3D Portraits-Forever-And-After-10 will_Zcol02

Most Inspiring Vintage Magazine Covers

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Vintage designs are old-fashioned compared to modern design, It has a mesmerizing effect help us to recall or travel in to retro age. Vintage magazine covers are the printed page of old aged magazines. Below you will smoke out 32 most inspiring vintage magazine covers which has been released in 1920-1980 and some may be from this century. This hand-picked collection will be a best inspiration to reinvent your style of fusion.

We believe these old school look and gorgeous magazine front covers will become rarities to treasure. You make like these related article too Stylish retro posters.

32 Most Inspiring Vintage Magazine Covers

Most-Inspiring-Vintage-Magazine-Covers-01 Most-Inspiring-Vintage-Magazine-Covers-02 Most-Inspiring-Vintage-Magazine-Covers-03 Most-Inspiring-Vintage-Magazine-Covers-04 Most-Inspiring-Vintage-Magazine-Covers-05 REMAKE__Weird_Tales_Magazine_by_PaulSizer

Explore Kaleidoscope #1

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In Pokkisam from this week onwards you can explore kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope series brings you a multi inspirations. It includes painting, Drawing, Advertising, Fun, Quotes, etc. This is the post of weekly inspirations for your present and future projects.These images are selected by pokkisam team.To get the best inspiration subscribe to our free RSS feed , Connect with twitter, Become a fan of Facebook page.

Explore Kaleidoscope #1

amy_pond_by_alicexz-d48l2j9 endend_by_bogielicious-d38fzck facebook_by_batchdenon-d3nemrb Frustrated_by_whizzywhizzer untitled_harmony_by_wiksa-d3knwtx yeah_Iam_a_muslim_by_vet_elianoor

Beautiful Digital Arts By Elena Dudina

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Elena Dudina is a russian born artist from Spain. She has been doing his beautiful digital arts only with photoshop and stock images. She is able to bring the best of illumination, colours and ideas to create magic on Photo Manipulation.She doesn’t have the hugest stream yet, but her creativity is outstanding. Her concepts are different from most I have seen on deviantart, and I think she deserves some more avid followers. Check out her stream. You will dig this chick, of that I’m sure!

Beautiful Digital Arts By Lysa Ashley

colibries_by_elenadudina-d2xuvij i_am_beauty_by_elenadudina-d4135b1 quien_me_llama_by_elenadudina-d31hfzz tender_hands_by_elenadudina-d3air0f the_mermaid_by_elenadudina-d3e77b2 tres_en_la_noche_by_elenadudina-d38n0ei Una_luz_lejana_by_ELENADUDINA