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Photorealistic Drawings Of Celebrities By Rick Fortson

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Chicago based artist Rick Fortson loves to draw people by pencil! Take a look at his photorealistic celebrity drawings of everyone from Marlon Brando to Will smith and you’ll notice a common theme running throughout his work. They’re stunningly beautiful!

Rick has the guts to create dynamic pencil portraits that call for his subjects to work outside the box. He’s been a real estate appraiser for 8 years and his work has appreciated by many of his followers. When I first saw these drawings I was amazed by such style that I haven’t quite seen. No doubt it’s his unique flair that captures our attention and has us eternally wondering what he’s got next up his sleeve.

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Photorealistic Drawings Of Celebrities By Rick Fortson

ben_folds___musical_artist_by_rick_kills_pencils-d388nt3 captain_jack_sparrow_by_rick_kills_pencils-d3eqcan indiana_jones___harrison_ford_by_rick_kills_pencils-d35pf3c iron_man___robert_downey_jr_by_rick_kills_pencils-d2wi4vi marlon_brando___the_godfather_by_rick_kills_pencils-d49j7qm michael_jordan___chicago_bulls_by_rick_kills_pencils-d311h0o will_smith___hancock_by_rick_kills_pencils-d2o6rkm