What Science Says: Sensible Strategies to Be More Creative Every Day

Think you’re too old to start being creative? Please think again. Science shows that anyone can boost their personal creativity anytime, and at any age. In the interest of releasing the inner creativity of would-be artists everywhere, we are pleased to present a few simple strategies.

What is creativity?

In a nutshell, creativity is the human ability to think up a new way of doing something and acting upon it. Creative people get things done, and they do those things in a novel fashion. Creative people boast excellent problem-solving skills and typically have more curiosity than the average person.

You could be creative and not even know it

Many people perceive creativity to be a trait that’s shared only by artists of some sort. In truth, everyone has a creative spark within themselves that’s just waiting to be ignited. Maybe oil painting isn’t your cup of turpentine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative in a range of other endeavors. Something as simple as fixing a leaky faucet can be done with a creative spirit.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Think like a child, notice the smallest details and always keep a sense of wonderment about you. Keep a few fun toys on your work desk and remember to take fun breaks now and then. Try a TED Talk hint for sparking creativity by drawing thirty separate circles on a piece of paper. Then, add lines here and there to make each circle a different thing. One could be a fat bumblebee, one might be the moon. Do this, and you’re sure to feel more creative.

Easy creativity boosts

If you’re working on a creative project and you hit a proverbial wall, take a catnap. Better yet, take a nap with a cat. Getting away from the project at hand and catching forty quick winks can reset your brain in a remarkable manner. If you can’t spare twenty minutes for a snooze, meditate for ten. Science shows that persons who meditate may spark unconscious creativity, says Prevention magazine. You don’t have to sit at the feet of a guru to learn how to meditate. Make yourself comfortable in a sitting position without leaning on an anything. Close your eyes and focus on your rhythmic breathing. When random thoughts come into your mind, notice them, let them go, and refocus on your breathing.

Inc. magazine recommends pushing aside your work once in awhile and picking up a pencil to doodle. Scribbling on paper can have a relaxing and creativity-boosting effect on the subconscious mind. A similar creativity sparker is a digital art program called Coloring Book for Me & Mandala. Designed by Apalon and available at Google Play, this lightweight app puts a coloring book and crayons into your hands anywhere. Mandala patterns are known to reduce stress and lessen worry.

Mandalas are some of the most ancient and beautiful creativity boosters around. Illustrate a geometric pattern with your favorite colors and see if you don’t feel more creative.

Jake Stone works in the art department of a school and enjoys creating his own sculptures and paintings outside of work too.

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