Why I Always Choose The Leica M

Leica M cameras are respected by photographers from all around the world and it is hard to argue with why that happens since we are faced with an incredible series that is perfect for outdoor photography. Leica is renowned all around the world for its unmatchable image quality and discreetness offered. Leica sensors as in the 240 model are so great and the truth is that once you start using something in the M9 series, you will not want to get back. You may want to take a look at the following reasons so you can see why I always choose Leica M. There is a big possibility that you will come to the same conclusion.

Build Quality

It is so hard to hold something else in your hands after you see how Leica M cameras are built. Just consider the older 35 mm models like the MP and you will quickly notice that all the materials are of the highest possible quality. You will notice that the cameras have an appropriate weight and the bond that is created with the photographer is almost instant since it does feel right to hold a Leica M camera in your hands.



Viewfinders are bright and beautiful. They are, most likely, the brightest of all the cameras that use 35 mm film. Viewing your shot through them is a pleasure since views are not blocked and the eyes can easily connect with your subject. Rangefinder use will allow you to anticipate what comes into or leaves the frame so that decisive movement can be captured.


All the Leica lenses are renowned all around the world. In fact, one of the main reasons why you would consider buying such a camera is the lens. The Leica M-P typ 240 is my favorite but you will want to look at the entire line to see what best suites your use. What is always constant is the high optical quality standard that is respected. We have a unique CCD sensor that can be described as the camera’s heart since it can offer a truly unique rendering that leads towards images that are ultra-sharp and colors that are vivid.


The very first thing that will go through your mind when you look at a Leica M camera is simplicity. The design is truly simplistic, making your shooting process enjoyable. There is nothing that is not necessary on the camera, offering you photography’s essence at its core. You can basically remain focused on shooting, taking advantage of your skills in order to create a stunning photo. Leica offers truly unobtrusive and discrete devices with a shutter sound that is a lot lower than with alternatives.


I always choose the Leica M cameras because of all the facts that were mentioned above. It is a true pleasure to use these cameras and that is why professional photographers from all around the world have a Leica device at home, using it whenever they can. While prices are definitely on the high side, the investment will never be neglected.

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