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Pokkisam is a Tamil word(Indian language).Meaning of pokkisam(a thing much valued) is “treasure”. why we choose this name because, what ever we do here we have to ‘value highly and tend’.

Pokkisam blog is about Photography and design. Before a year we have launched Pokkisam(photo sharing community).And moreover in this blog you’ll get not only photography and design inspirations,There are many other interesting cutomizing stuffs like iconpacks,skins and themes we share with you daily or weekly and Photoshop tutorials too with you soon.

Founder of pokkisam blog

Sivakumar.S [ India ]

I’m a die hard lover of photography and design and i found this is my passion. I love these two things more than my job(PHP developer). You can get in touch with me via Twitter at @pokkisam and if you want share with me any informations, you want to feature works in pokkisam blog and interesting stuffs mail me livefordo [@] pokkisam.com

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