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Giant Beach Art By Andres Amador

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The American Artist Andres Amador spending hours for carving giant artworks on the beach sand, some intricate artworks and spirals can be up to 300 by 500ft wide but they stand only a matter of hours before they are washed away by the sea.

He pick the best beaches for his designs with the help of Google Earth. He then waits for a full moon to make sure tides are low enough for him to complete his design before it is swept out to sea, But the artist does not worry his work vanishing at the end of each day. Amador’s designs are inspired by spirals, crop circle patterns that exist in fields in the UK, Designs his works in a sketchbook, before to carving on the sea shore.

Giant Beach Art By Andres Amador

Giant-Beach-Art-By-Andres-Amador-01 Giant-Beach-Art-By-Andres-Amador-02 Giant-Beach-Art-By-Andres-Amador-03 Giant-Beach-Art-By-Andres-Amador-04 Giant-Beach-Art-By-Andres-Amador-05 Giant-Beach-Art-By-Andres-Amador-06 Photo: Simon Mildren Phorogtaphy