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Nightscapes Of Big Cities In Black and White

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From China to South Korea to London , I like the way of Martin stavars’s great eye captures the nightscapes in black and white.

The London-based photographer, Martin has shot fascinating landscapes who is also a Managing Editor of Neutral Density Magazine. Whereas taking cityscape pictures usually need different approaches that have to full fill missing elements, thus making such photograph something more than a simple document.

Nightscapes Of Big Cities In B&W

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Weird Hand Drawn Animated GIFs By Dain Fagerholm

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In a vast universe, the world would be made out of illustrations more than any. That’s probably what Dain Fagerholm, an illustrator from Seattle has drawn in his animations.

Dain calls his animated GIFs stereographic drawings. The hand drawn pieces trick the eye by weird 3-D effect. These “stereographic drawings” are created from single drawings. The drawings are made with a ballpoint pen and color dye markers.

Weird Hand Drawn Animated

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