A Basic Guide to Digital Photography

Digital photography can be incredibly rewarding, fun and exciting but newcomers are often put off not knowing where to start! From picking a camera and the right accessories to learning how lighting and composition works, it can all be a little bit confusing in the beginning. Check out a few basic tips, start honing your skills and start your rewarding journey into the world of digital photography, as explained by William Schoellkopf.


One thing people question is whether they should purchase a digital or film camera. Digital gives you the ability to preview your photos as soon as you take them, removes the restriction of expensive film and makes it easier to transfer photos from your camera to your computer for editing and distribution.


Key accessories you are looking at are carrying cases, additional batteries and maybe even a lens suitable for your interests. A carrying case will protect your camera and hold spare parts or maybe an additional lens. A carrying case is vital if you want to feel confident in taking your camera out. Lenses are usually an investment for professionals, but if you have a particular interest in landscapes or another type of photography, an additional lens can improve your image substantially.


Without lighting, photography wouldn’t be possible. Expensive flash equipment can be purchased for your camera if you are planning on photographing a show or concert where you have no control over the scene, but if you are able to, it’s always better to set up additional lights to illuminate your subject. A little preparation can turn a mediocre shot into a great one.


Investing in digital photography library software can help you keep track of your photos, share them with friends and build a database of your images. It’s not a necessity, but it’s always nice to have all of your work in one place, especially if you are planning to turn your hobby into something more serious.

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