Aerial Photography Today: Using a Drone to Capture the Stark Beauty of Winter

If you think that drone cameras are only for use on wonderfully warm summer days, do think again. Aerial photography by way of drones provides a perfect opportunity to capture pristine and stark winter beauty. If you wish to know more about how to take great wintertime pics with your drone, read on.

Your drone may behave differently in cold weather

If you’ve ever been skiing, you know that wintertime is the right time to carefully choose your wardrobe. The same applies to using a drone in super cold weather. Dress appropriately, and be sure to wear gloves that allow for adequate finger control. Fingerless gloves and capacitive fingertip styles are good choices for winter photographers, say winter drone camera experts at Fstoppers magazine.

Expect briefer battery life in winter weather. Keep spare batteries in your car or in an insulated jacket pocket where they’ll remain relatively warm. It is not advisable to try to use a battery that has an internal temperature of less than 15 °C. Begin your first flight of a winter day by starting the motors and allowing the drone to hover in place for at least a minute. Excessive trick maneuvering and sustained high speeds tax voltage, so try to avoid those during winter drone photographic flights. Go light on the controls and land a bit sooner than you would in warmer weather.

Winter photography tips

Snow, fog, rain, and ice are all enemies of your camera drone. Accumulated moisture on the lens of your drone camera is not easy to remove, so the best thing is to simply avoid it. If you encounter rain, land your drone right away and don’t even think about flying until the deluge subsides. You may capture excellent shots during a light snowfall, but if it starts to snow heavily, pack up your pricey drone camera and get out of there.

Switch your stock propellers with wooden or carbon fiber props in winter weather, recommends Droneybee magazine. To boost visibility in snowy locations, you can repaint your drone bright red or another color that stands out against stark white.

All-season drones to consider

The AR 2.0 drone made by Parrot offers virtually everything you want in a camera drone. Controlled by iPad or smartphone, this four-pound French drone has the capacity to provide live streaming video that you can save or share. For a ‘toy drone’ quadrocopter, this baby offers several more minutes of flight time than comparably priced camera craft. User reviews note that the Parrot drone is sensitive to wind, and it is. Anything more than 10 mph is bound to run your batteries out in a hurry, so you may wish to save this camera for relatively windless winter days. Peruse more reviews of the best drones for sale guide by Dronethusiast to find features that suit your expectations and preferences.

Once you get the hang of taking aerial pics of wintery landscapes, you may wonder why you never thought of doing so before.

Johnny Miller is a drone enthusiast who has recently discovered a passion not just for flying drones for the fun of it, but to capture stunning aerial photography.

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