Beautiful Digital Arts By Elena Dudina

Elena Dudina is a russian born artist from Spain. She has been doing his beautiful digital arts only with photoshop and stock images. She is able to bring the best of illumination, colours and ideas to create magic on Photo Manipulation.She doesn’t have the hugest stream yet, but her creativity is outstanding. Her concepts are different from most I have seen on deviantart, and I think she deserves some more avid followers. Check out her stream. You will dig this chick, of that I’m sure!

Beautiful Digital Arts By Lysa Ashley

colibries_by_elenadudina-d2xuvij i_am_beauty_by_elenadudina-d4135b1 quien_me_llama_by_elenadudina-d31hfzz tender_hands_by_elenadudina-d3air0f the_mermaid_by_elenadudina-d3e77b2 tres_en_la_noche_by_elenadudina-d38n0ei Una_luz_lejana_by_ELENADUDINA

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