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Why Granite Remains a Truly Viable Choice for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Worktop

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Kitchen or Bathroom Worktop

Did you know that granite is the same natural stone material that the pyramids from Egypt are made out of? This surely points to the fact that granite has a long and varied history and has been used for centuries to create true masterpieces of architecture as well. This, in effect, also proves that granite can certainly withstand extreme wear and tear and can last for a very, very long time indeed.

Granite 101: what you should know

Granite, as mentioned above, is one of the premier natural stones available today. The basic composition of granite is actually around 20% quartz combined with feldspar as well as mica. Granite slabs come in almost all the colours of the rainbow, ranging from monochromatic shades to bolder and brighter patterns.

The major benefits of granite explained

You may already have an idea that granite is definitely one of the more durable natural stones you can find. But apart from this particular advantage, granite has other, lesser-known advantages as well. For instance, granite can also be scratch- and heat-resistant – as a matter of fact, a slab of granite can bear as much as 648.8OC, or 1200OF. In addition, granite, when sealed and re-sealed properly and regularly, can be waterproof and stain-resistant as well.

Choices for your granite worktop’s finish

If you are planning to have a granite worktop for your bathroom or kitchen, you have several options when it comes to the worktop’s finish as well. These include polished, brushed or satin, honed, antique, thermal, and leather. A polished finish is one of the most popular finishes for granite worktops, and it can also stand up well to constant wear and tear and stains. A polished granite worktop is the least spongy or porous, which adds to its advantage.

If you opt for a honed finish for your granite worktop, this is a type of matte finishing option. A honed finish is not usually recommended by the experts as it tends to become scratched and stained more easily. A brushed or satin finish is also similar in many respects to honed finishes but it appears less matte and performs better than a honed finish. An antique finish, on the other hand, has a duller appearance that includes a bit of texture as well. The thermal finish (also referred to as ‘flamed’) is created by using a flame on the surface of the granite slab, and this results in a rougher and more textured look and different depths to the surface. The leather finish, meanwhile, looks more enhanced and polished compared to a honed finish, but it also includes a bit more texture.

Maintaining your granite worktop

Cleaning and maintaining your granite worktop is relatively easy and worry-free. Regular cleaning can simply be done with a soft towel or cloth and water, preferably warm. You can also make use of a specially-made cleaner for granite. Regular sealing (around twice a year) is also recommended. For this, you can use a water-based sealant made specifically for natural stone like granite as well.

When it comes to choosing the best granite worktops, you should also work only with a reputable and experienced supplier and installer. This way, you can have enhanced peace of mind knowing that you are getting the quality and expertise you need.



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The Best Of Logos: 100 Creative Designs

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Today we’d love to publish something amazing and creative to boost up your cleverness and for an inspiration. A logo is the brand identity of a company or organization, which forms the foundation of its trademark. Not all the logos attract people only the best  designs can do it.

What makes a good logo?

“The trademark should embody in the simplest form the essential characteristics of the product or institution being advertised.” – Paul Rand

With this in mind we’ve compiled a list of the 100 best  logos which are simple, distinctive, Versatile and conceptual. The resources section at the end of the article will bring you to see more logos, so check them out.

The Best Of Logos: 100 Creative Designs

The Best Of Logos: 100 Creative Designs
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