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Assessing the Different Stages of Forex Trend

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Building a promising career in the Forex industry isn’t so easy without having proper knowledge about the market. Many beginners jump to this market only to make a profit because they think that this market is nothing but a money machine. This kind of attitude and thought cause an intense failure, and the newbies lose all their investments. Without following the basic rules, you are not going to succeed too easily. In addition to this, one must learn to execute the trades with discipline.

Types of Forex trends

Before entering into the trades, the most important fact about the currency exchange market is to know the types or stages of a trend. Remember that generally there are four different stages of the Forex market –

1.     Upward trend

In this type of trend, the traders may notice an upward movement in the market, which means that the price of the currency is moving upward. Therefore, you may sell the currency and can make profits. The upward trend is also known as an uptrend or bullish movement. Professionals always advise that one should buy a currency when the graph is about to take an upward journey. This is also called the entry point.

2.     Downward trend

When the price of a currency starts falling, the graph also starts to fall. This type of market is also known as the bearish movement or downtrend. The point at which the chart starts moving down is regarded as an ideal point to sell the trade. It is also known as an exit point. Experienced traders in Singapore follow money management techniques to reduce the possible financial losses during this trend. To know more about the bearish trend, you can read articles on Saxo Forex broker. By using their free articles, you can easily reinforce your idea on the trend trading method. But this should be done in a very strategic way.

3.     Retracement phase

This phase is essential for both stock and Forex traders. Professionals use this market retracement phase to enter the long-term market. Identifying this phase of the market isn’t too hard. You only need to focus on the graph and the movement. The Retracement phase is a section of “downtrend or bearish movement” in the bullish trend. Professionals use this phase intelligently to find out an ideal entry point of the market. To determine this entry point, you must gather solid knowledge to identify the resistance and support level.

4.     The ranging market

This market is also known as a consolidated market, and surprisingly, there are no massive uptrends or downtrends in this kind of market. According to some traders, executing a successful trade is easier in this market because the upcoming trend can be easily predicted. However, the truth is – when you can gather a good knowledge of this market, you will find it too risky.

Use Forex demo accounts to improve the trading skills?

To improve the trading skills, the first thing that the professionals suggest using the Forex demo account, which is considered a gift. This demo account provides an investor with so many facilities. Remember that knowledge is power, and to improve your skills and expertise, you can use the demo account.

In addition to improving the knowledge and skills, a trader can evaluate his trading strategy to check the efficacy. Often, the investors need to modify their existing trade strategy to make it more powerful. Sometimes, the experts suggest that the beginners should use a demo account to test their modified strategy. Stop-loss or take-profit limits are two technical issues that can be challenging to use. Investors can learn to implement them in their trades and can assess the way to apply them during trades. Each of the stages in the currency exchange market requires different orders. So, as a trader, you should learn to use the orders in different stages of the market.