Digital Heroes And Villains Illustration By Josip Kelava

The world is constantly changing and as a designer, you need to adapt. This is the success mantra of Josip Kelava who is multi talented guy working as a art director, graphic designer, illustrator and as a photographer too. For more works of Josip visit this behance/josipkelava

What Josip says about “Heroes and Villains Project”? When I was younger I always imagined myself someone that had a superpower. How cool it would be to fly, to move things with your mind, to use magic or even have a robot suit to protect you. That’s why I loved reading comics, watching movies and playing video games. It took me to fantasy worlds where heroes and villains existed. This little project is a showcase of all my favourite characters, both friendly and foe, as typographic posters representing a little of what they are about.

Digital Heroes And Villains Illustration By Josip Kelava

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