Great wedding photos at your wedding reception

When photographing a wedding reception it is important to get a wide variety of shots. This includes a variety of subjects, from the bride and groom to the table centerpieces, as well as a variety of styles, from extreme close ups to wide shots. One of the ways of guaranteeing a beautiful wedding album is to keep the photos from becoming boring, and focusing on different styles will ensure that.

Venue And Decoration Shots Have Value

Extreme close up shots of flowers and other decorations are worth taking, especially because the bride and groom spent hours or even days deciding on each element of their wedding. Highlighting those individual elements validates their choice. It is also a way of taking some artistic shots while the wedding party themselves have a moment to relax.

Additional to the setup of the venue, often the venue itself can play a key part in excellent wedding photos. Historic buildings, barns and excellent views of the countryside can create a great backdrops, see some of the wedding photography created at Holdenby House which shows how grand the chandeliers look in the background of the photos. There are many venues like this around the UK, see some great countryside shots in a warwickshire wedding photographers portfolio.

Play With Focus

There are many ways to do this. Have a subject be in crystal clear focus while the background is dreamily out of focus. This works whether photographing the bride or the cake. Another way to achieve that dreamlike effect is to leave the shutter open for a couple seconds, letting the background blur with motion while the primary subject remains still and in focus.

Keeping It Real

Make sure to get un-staged photos as well as the posed shots. Important moments such as cutting the cake and the first dance are good moments to grab live. The photographer should have a fly on the wall mentality during these moments, and not impose themselves too far into the moment. Get plenty of photos of guests and family during the reception as well. In years to come the bride and groom will enjoy looking at these photos of loved ones who came to celebrate their special day.

Say Yes To The Dress

Last but not least, get the wedding dress from multiple angles. This was likely the most expensive item of clothing the bride has ever bought and it will likely never be worn again. Therefore make sure to get shots of the train streaming behind the bride as well as any embroidery. Wide shots that that showcase the bride’s beauty are important, but so are closeups that highlight all the little details that she chose the dress for in the first place.

The main way to get great photos is to take a lot of them and to make sure there is a wide assortment of styles. Focus on the bride and groom, but also make sure the venue and the guests get plenty of attention. Capture some standard posed shots but also fade into the background and photograph the wedding party having a genuine good time. If this can be accomplished, the happy couple will have photos that they cherish for decades to come.

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