How to Soothe a Baby while Getting that Perfect Shot

Having a set of photographs taken of a newborn baby has become very popular, and when you realise that this unique stage of a person’s life is gone after a few weeks, it makes sense to capture the child’s development at this stage. As they say in the movie industry, never work with children or animals, and preparing a newborn for a photo shoot is very important, not just for the quality of the images, but more importantly, the well-being of the baby. If you are thinking of taking some images of your newborn, here are a few tips to help make the experience a great one, for you and the baby.

The Optimum Temperature

This is vital, and if it is either too warm or too cold, the baby will immediately become distressed, and the photo shoot cannot take place. Avoid using a room with an uneven temperature, and make sure the baby is well away from any source of heat.

Hire a Professional

People who take photographs of newborn babies for a living become very good at dealing with very young children, and also know how to create the right ambience. Let’s face it; you are only going to get one shot at capturing this age, so it makes sense to enlist the help of a professional, who will get the very best images to treasure forever. If, for example, you were looking for a newborn photographer in Perth, visit today and talk to an expert, but make sure you book in advance, as good photographers are always busy.

Create a Peaceful Ambience

Babies have an innate ability to pick up on the atmosphere in their immediate surroundings, so it makes sense to get to know the photographer prior to the session. Perhaps you could visit them first to discuss the options, and when they arrive at your home on the day, you will already know each other. Soft music in the background can soothe a baby, and as the parent, you would know more than anyone else, what would work with your new bundle of joy.

Be Patient

The photographer has been through this many times, and would know that it differs from a regular photoshoot, in as much as you have to wait for the right moments, and with a newborn baby, this can take a while. If the baby is sleeping, discuss the background options with the photographer, who can also show you some examples of props that can be safely used with your infant.

Visual Stimulation

Even at such a young age, a newborn can recognise things on a basic level, and with squeaky toys, you also have the audio aspect, which often attracts their attention. Holding a small object a few feet from the baby’s face often holds their attention long enough to get that perfect shot, but this can never be taken for granted, as the reaction depends on the individual.


A professional newborn photographer would ensure that the whole experience was a good one, and that baby will not suffer in any way, and with their experience, you will end up with some great photos.

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