Know The Best Animal Transportation Services For Your Pet’s Transport

Animals of different grades may be required to be transported for different reasons. While pets travel as companions on a holiday or while moving out of its owners to a new locale, other animals such as zoological, exotic or animals meant for slaughter may require relocation transportation. Transportation of animals in each of these categories has to meet the specifications and guidelines set by the governments and particular airlines. Transportation of pets is the only category that falls under the purview of the pet owner, all other animal transportation is largely categorized for commercial and other cause related transportation.

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Categories of animal transport

Any animal transportation services for commercial reasons has to follow a clear logistic. Transport and handling of slaughter animals are associated with a series of stressful events for animals, compromising welfare and meat quality. This kind of transportation logistic must take into consideration road and traffic conditions, climate, transport time and distance, and queuing at delivery. For all other categories such as zoological and exotic animals, their transport by air, water or by land is a highly specialized job.

Pet travel concerns

In case you are on a travel plan, your pet is most likely to travel with you and not with animal transportation services. In that case, it is necessary that you do good research on pet-friendly hotels and pet-friendly vacation areas. Most hotels and airlines delineate their policies on pet. Moreover even some vacation areas may stipulate criteria for carrying pets. Make sure to pick the right place and locale, the right airline and right hotel to enjoy your holiday with your adorable one. The right kind of research can prevent the possibilities of getting entangled in ugly law suits.

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Certificates for your pet

Air travel with your pet will require some specifications to be met and thus it in turn needs prior preparation. While on a domestic travel with your pet, the following are mandatory:

  • A certificate showing that the pet has received Current Rabies Vaccination & Rabies Vaccination
  • A certificate from your veterinarian on Domestic Health Certificate and or a certificate to say that the pet is fit to fly

Flying with your pet

All major airlines allow the transportation of pet animals from most of their ports either as in cabin baggage or animal cargo. Airliners however specify their policies well regarding the travel of pets with or without the owner.

  • Small and inoffensive domestic pets such as dogs, cats and birds, accompanied by valid Health and Rabies vaccination certificates are usually accepted in domestic flights in the cabin or in cargo hold only at the risk of the owner
  • Almost all airlines specify that pets must be properly carried in carriers with specific dimensions. The in cabin carriers are to conform the stipulated weight if they are to travel with their owner
  • In case the carrier size exceeds the size stipulated for the cabin, they can however be carried in the cargo. But make sure about policies regarding extra fare, as most airlines do not allow pet carrier in the cargo within the stipulated baggage allowance
  • An extra word of caution may be added that harsh temperature conditions and thinness of air add an extra dose of risk to animals
  • Pets escaping from custody can be in danger even if it happens on ground

The pet owner must be careful while transporting the pet. Ensure that the staffs are adept at handling pets. If your pet is not comfortable with the staffs, the journey may be troublesome. He needs to be given due respect and handled with affection. Know well for all your Animal Transportation Services by getting touch with us today!

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