Minimal Graphite Portraits By Ileana Hunter


Ileana Hunter is a graphite artist currently living and working in Norwich, UK. Her realistic drawings are inspired by both the fluidity of the human body and the hidden lyricism of mundane objects. Distinctive by the intricate detail work and minimalistic compositions, her pieces are in art collections throughout the world. Ileana’s gallery

Minimal Graphite Portraits By Ileana Hunter

 robert_pattinson_minimal_by_ileana_s-d4h2k8v nicole_kidman_minimal_by_ileana_s-d471p5v first_piece_of_2011_by_ileana_s-d36dxu4 elizabeth_taylor_minimal_by_ileana_s-d4csz5a britney_minimal_by_ileana_s-d48cab9

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