Packaging Options for Your Wedding Photography

Your wedding should be one-of-a-kind and beautiful, and it should be a day you want to remember for the rest of your life. Wedding invitations may send to your guest already. In addition to that, you will want pictures that you can continue to enjoy through future years. What are some unique photography packages that you can select?


What does a basic package include? The basic package includes two photographers who will be taking pictures from the beginning of the bridal preparation until the first dance. You will be able to use the images in as many ways as you want with no copyright. With the photos, you can share, upload, etc. You will normally receive an album of the best photos. Make sure that the basic package offered by whichever of the wedding photographers in Leeds whom you choose comes with two photographers. Much more will be able to be captured in this way. This basic package will help you have a great remembrance of your day. However, you can make your memories even more unique and expanded by looking into one of the other options.


The videographer will capture footage of the bride prepping, of the complete ceremony, and of the first dance. Footage of the reception and mingling with guests will not be captured as much, unless specifically outlined in your contract. However, videographers will be able to capture more of the mood in the air by providing you with footage. You will laugh and smile as you hear the jokes repeated that were said during bridal preparation. You will enjoy watching again and again the professional footage of your ceremony and dance. Most packages include two videographers, meaning that more is captured and at different angles. However, keep in mind that no matter how beautiful this is, you will still want some still photos as well. You will want to have a memory or two of your big day hanging on your walls afterward.

Photo Booth

You can get a package that provides a photo booth available for use, or simply rent a photo booth on your own. Photo booths provide an element of fun for the reception time. By renting a photo booth with a company, you will have someone who will set up and take down the booth, removing extra stress from the day. The booth will also come with a box of fun props to help guests take memorable pictures. The best part of this option is that the pictures will print in doubles. Your guests will have fun taking silly pictures, and they will get one strip to keep as a souvenir. Meanwhile, you will get to keep the other print. While these prints may pile up, you will enjoy looking through them and picking your favourites to keep. You can choose to have a photo booth that has video and pictures or just pictures. These photo booths also offer a plethora of backgrounds: classic, 3-d, superhero, historical, or newspaper themed. Your guests will remember the fun they have with this package.

In the end, choosing a wedding photography package really depends on your taste and the style of wedding you want to have. Your wedding will be memorable with any of the above packages.

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