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GroundBreaking Oil Paintings By Leonid Afremov

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I have seen Leonid Afremov stunning oil paintings before a year itself only, But because of some other reasons I can’t showcase his artworks in Pokkisam, But now I feel this is the best time to showcase his groundbreaking talent of this world renown artist.

Leonid began his career with oil paintings on canvas selling them around the world. His painting makes the beautiful light and positive energy, his personality will reflect unusual technique that is developed over many years of hardwork. It’s just not a style it is one of a kind because Leonid uses a palette knife instead of brush. This is very rare that any artist chooses to use as leonid did as an instrument to paint well. You can see it the beauty of his artworks in each and every image below. Visit afremov.com to buy his paintings, To see more of his paintings deviantart portfolio

GroundBreaking Oil Paintings By Leonid

charlie_parker___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d4ii7gt classic_car___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d4ki78o eternity___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d4eqnqk fultgent_fall___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d4e0z1l johnny_cash___afremov_by_leonidafremov-d4em6c1 night_boulevard___afremov_by_leonidafremov-d4ii6es sun_of_january__leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d37jvd6