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Bravo Portraits Of People With Beads

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Beads made of gemstones have an interesting geologic history and knowing something about their physical properties such as their molecular and crystalline structures and the processes that created them make them more appealing in their use in jewelry-making.

Wearing jewelry made of gemstones can also help one’s creativity. So, if you find yourself stuck in the creative process, put on some jewelry made from gemstone beads and wait and see what happens. The gemstone beads that are considered to be the most helpful in enhancing one’s creativity are citrine, garnet, sodalite, iolite, and rhodochrosite.

Today I am posting portraits of people with beads. These photos are from the world renowned photographer Eric Lafforgue. All the credit goes to Mr.Eric.

Bravo Portraits Of People With Beads

3742752267_ef09be59c9_z 3749922762_11bb4a2915_z 3785104790_fa739f8ee5_z Miss Loide, Mudimba tribe 5254777956_c984292d2c_z S151439E133555 Huiola town market S150344133246 Mudimba Girl With A Beaded Wig Called Misses Ena, Village Of Combelo, Angola